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Where to Stay in Bali for Families with Complete Facilities

a Families is playing on the beach

Family Fun in the Sun: Enjoying a perfect day at the beach, creating lasting memories and cherishing every moment together.

Bali is a great destination for all ages, and your choice of accommodation can make your holiday all that more convenient. When staying in a private Villa guests have access to their own kitchen and private facilities, offering flexibility during your stay. Our Villas offer space for the children and adults to relax and have fun. Many with separate media and lounge areas, and garden spaces to play. 

As a family-owned and operated Australian business, we understand the needs of families on holiday. Our portfolio offers information on family-friendly features and floorplans at each property, helping you make the best choice for your unique group.

We also offer complimentary extras for the little travellers, so you can arrive knowing you have transport, bedding, equipment and toys ready for your stay.

Bali’s Top Family Destinations

Bali is a diverse Island offering so many great areas to visit. Each area of Bali has its charms and personality. There’s plenty of family-friendly dining, along with activities like cooking classes, day spas and snorkelling.

Many families choose to stay in Canggu or Seminyak with so many cafes, spas, markets and beach options! Ubud is also a popular choice along with Bingin and Jimbaran.  Let us know what is important to your stay and we will help you to plan your Bali Villa holiday.

Perhaps you have babies, teens or Grandparents in your group? Some groups would like to surf, dine out, go on a boat trip or visit temples. Bali offers something for everyone, and we are happy to help with a Villa in the best area of Bali for you. 

Unforgettable Family Holidays in Bali

The children are sitting on a bean bag on the beach

Relaxation by the shore: The children unwind on cozy bean bags, soaking in the sun and sea breeze at the beach

While Bali offers something for everyone, it truly shines as a family holiday destination. Bali offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and family-friendly amenities, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a memorable and enjoyable holiday destination. Just a short flight away from Australia, offers the perfect mix for families.

This, combined with the famed hospitality of the Balinese people, ensures a truly unique and memorable family holiday.

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Is Bali safe for kids?

children are playing on the bed

Joyful moments: The children giggle and play on the bed, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As parents, it is natural to think ahead about Safety during your holiday. Bali is a developing country and sidewalks and road systems are not the same as in other parts of the world. Using common sense and preparing to be patient is most helpful! The Balinese are very kind and welcoming of visitors and happy to help with directions along the way. The Villa team are there to help also. Children are welcomed at most venues with a smile!

A few things that guests are sometimes surprised to learn are that car seats are not compulsory in Indonesia and that the very local style eateries called “Warungs” often don’t refrigerate meats and dairy the same way you might be accustomed to at home. Choosing restaurants that cater to tourists is helpful in avoiding Bali belly, along with regular hand washing. You are not able to drink tap water in Bali. The Villas provide gallons of drinking water and are experienced at preparing food for visitors. Your in-villa team are used to catering for fussy little eaters too! 

Bali Family Villas provides car seats for airport transfers along with baby cots with mosquito nets, bottle sterilisers and stair gates on request. Pool fencing is another common safety precaution and we are happy to arrange the hire of temporary fencing with safety gate latches for your stay. 

No matter where you stay with your family in Bali, make it a holiday to remember with Bali Family Villas. Many of our Bali villas come complete with facilities that make them perfect for families and can be further configured with a selection of complimentary extras.

Please see our Guide link here for other tips;  Useful Family Info For Bali

Bali Family Villas’ Best Options for Families

Bali Family Villas offers accommodation across the island, including popular areas like Canggu, Seminyak and Uluwatu. As you might be able to tell from our name, we offer villas in Bali that are well-suited to families! 

Plus, you can customise your stay with complimentary extras like car seats, baby cots with mosquito nets, high chairs, pool floats, games, toy baskets, baby strollers, monitors, baby baths, bottle sterilisers, temporary pool fencing and a welcome gift for Mum & Dad! 

Check out some of our family villas below.

Villa Bendega Rato

villa bendega rato view

Villa Bendega Rato offers breathtaking views that capture the essence of tranquility and luxury. Experience a stay where every moment is a picture-perfect memory

Modern style and five-star comfort combine in the centre of Canggu at the four-bedroom Villa Bendega Rato. Family-friendly features include a dedicated media room, an option for a pool fence for the 18×5 metre pool and your very own cooking services.

Villa Charick

villa charick view

Indulge in the picturesque views from Villa Charick, where every glance reveals a breathtaking panorama of serenity and luxury.

With its beachside Canggu location, Villa Charick with five bedrooms includes a bunk room sleeping up to a whopping eight children! Of course, all those kids need room to move, which is where the generous 15-metre pool outside, media room and play room come in,  along with housekeeping to assist with messes. This Villa also has an enclosed air-conditioned lounge room and a splash section in the pool.

Villa Jajaliluna

villa jajaliluna bunk bed

Discover the cozy charm of Villa Jajaliluna’s bunk bed, where fun meets comfort in a stylish setting perfect for young adventurers.

A chic four-bedroom pad in Seminyak, Villa Jajaliluna is comprehensively staffed with a chef, butlers, housekeepers, gardeners and security, allowing the whole family to have peace of mind while enjoying the two living rooms, provided games and a dazzling T-shaped pool. This Villa offers a walk to the beach location along with a popular kids’ bunk room

Villa Balimu

villa balimu pool area

Dive into relaxation at Villa Balimu’s pool area, where every splash is met with serenity and luxury, creating the perfect oasis for your escape

With three bedrooms, Villa Balimu is a paradise for a small family. With included breakfast, a private pool, housekeeping and a prime location by the beach, offering luxurious Seminyak simplicity at its best. Families enjoy the floorplan which has all bedrooms together under the same enclosed roof and the option to close the living area from the pool.

Villa Cabana Emile

villa cabana emile pool area

Experience the epitome of luxury and tranquility with the breathtaking views from Villa Cabana Emile. Every glance offers a glimpse into paradise, where relaxation meets sophistication.

Located in Bingin, famous for its spectacular white sandy coastline, Villa Cabana Emile is a fantastic place where your family can enjoy everything Uluwatu offers. Featuring three bedrooms but the capacity to sleep up to eight guests, everyone will love the 8×4 metre pool and cooking services. All of the bedrooms interconnect and there is a sweet bunk bed the kids will love!

Villa Lunala Bingin

stay in villa lunala bingin bali

Embrace the enchanting vistas from Villa Lunala Binging, where panoramic views intertwine with luxury, offering a serene retreat amidst natural beauty.

Also located in Bingin, Villa Lunala Bingin offers six bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Three bungalows – each with two bedrooms with an interconnecting door – surround a beautiful pool, with pool fencing available on request. For meals, why not come together in the open-air joglo?

This is just a small selection of our villa list. And remember: if you have specific requirements for your family, please let us know – we’d love to make something work for you to make your family’s stay your best holiday yet!

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