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VISAs & Arrival in Bali

VISAs & Arrival in Bali


We have created a summary of the process for entry at the Bali International Airport and the required documents for travellers.

Please note the below information is subject to change and it is the traveller’s responsibility to stay up to date with immigration and entry requirements to Indonesia.

For Australian visitors, the below website may also be helpful.

We hope this helps with your planning for a smooth arrival.

Before Arrival

Please ensure you have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport before travel as well as at least one spare page.

It is also handy to have a printed or digital version of your return flight to show the airline or customs if required.

Required Entry Documents

Currently, there are three arrival documents required for entry to Bali. As part of the official immigration process are the Tourist Visa and the Customs Declaration Form. The Tourism Levy is a separate initiative by the local Government and we have included some notes on this below. All travellers including children and infants need to have a visa and one customs form per family with names entered is sufficient.

  • 30 Day Tourist Visa IDR 500,000 ($50)
  • Customs Declaration Form
  • Tourism Levy IDR 150,000 ($15)

These requirements can be arranged online before landing in Bali which we recommend or manually on arrival at the Bali airport if required. The Tourism Levy requires downloading an App, so it is best to do this one before your flight.

*Please note that the online Visa website allows the purchase of electronic visas 4-5 days prior to your arrival date.

Tourist Visas

There are two options to purchase your Visa for Indonesia. The e-VoA is purchased online before your arrival and the regular VoA is purchased in person at the Bali airport on arrival. The Visa is valid for 30 days including the day you land and the day you depart.

If you wish to buy an e-VOA before arriving in Bali please see the link below and follow the steps. Most visitors are applying for a B1 – Tourist (Visa On Arrival)

*We will provide the Villa address to enter into the form as your accommodation, including the District, Regency, Province and ZIP code information.

If you wish to purchase your Visa in person you will need to go to the VOA (Visa on Arrival counter) at the Bali airport after you land. Here you will purchase the 30-day tourist Visa which is IDR 500.000 for adults and children. You can pay in cash equivalent in AUD / SNG / USD currency or pay by credit card. Please note that payments on your phone via tap function may not be possible so please have an actual bank card ready.

Customs Declaration Form

Before arrival, you can fill in the e-CD form for customs at Bali Airport and screenshot and save the bar code to show at security after collecting your luggage. Please see the link below. You can do one per family or group and need each person’s passport number.

If you have not been able to arrange this before you arrive there are paper forms available near the luggage collection area, although they may not be available in English.

Tourism Levy

Go to or download the Love Bali App from Playstore or Appstore.

Provide passport number, name, email, and arrival date. Then choose your payment method. Your Levy Vouchers will be sent to your email, and you may need to scan these vouchers at airport checkpoints. These checkpoints are not part of the in-terminal immigration process and are located outside the customs area. This requirement started in early 2024 and many tourists are not asked to show them during their stay.

Steps for Arrival at Bali Airport

1. On landing at Bali airport,) if you have not purchased your visa online you proceed to the VOA (Visa on Arrival counter). Here you will purchase a 30-day tourist Visa which is IDR 500.000 for adults and children. You can pay in cash equivalent in AUD / SNG / USD currency or pay by credit card. Please note that payments on your phone via tap function may not be possible so please have an actual bank card

2. If you have already arranged an e-VoA you can go straight to the customs counter. At the customs counter where they will fingerprint and check passports and visas.

3. There are also electronic customs gates however these are currently for adults only. Families with children still need to go to the counters attended by immigration officers.

4. There is often a separate line available for parents travelling with children under the age of 5. Look out for this as it can save time waiting.

5. After Customs you enter the baggage collection area and there is a duty-free shop for snacks if needed as well as bathrooms. The luggage trolleys are free to use. There may be luggage Porters offering their assistance. This is an optional service and you will be expected to pay them in IDR cash for their help. There is no set amount, so please negotiate this clearly with them before they load your bags. As a guide most people offer anywhere from IDR 20,000 – 100,000 ($2-10) depending on what notes they may have on them.

6. After collecting your luggage, you move through security and present your e-CD customs declaration bar code. This is a saved screenshot from the customs form filled out online or at the computers provided near the luggage collection area.

7. Some guests are requested to put their luggage through a security scanner. Others can proceed directly to the arrival terminal area.

8. When you exit into the arrival terminal you will walk past ATMs, another alcohol/wine shop if you wish to purchase drinks and a convenience store. There are also counters selling phone SIM cards in this zone. Just before you reach the area where drivers are waiting with signs with your name on it there is also a Starbucks café.

9. Look for a sign with your name on it. There can be hundreds of signs, so don’t worry if it takes a few minutes to find yours. The driver will then take you to the car park area for transfer to the Villa.

Express Airport Services

There are Bali VIP express / Fast Track serviced available where you pay for someone to escort you through the customs process and they assist to skip waiting in line. At busy times this can be worthwhile although you still must wait for your luggage to come of the aircraft along with other travellers. The express does not prioritise your luggage or oversized items.

If you wish to book this service we can suggested providers below and you can book directly. Please inform them you do not need transport in your reservation if we have included in your stay –  just the in- terminal service. If you book this service they will have a sign and greet you when you first get of the airplane and assist you through the visa and immigration process.

Please note that on occasion the Government closes these express services without notice. At certain times during the year, they can be unavailable.

We hope this is helpful and look forward to welcoming you to your Bali Villa Holiday!