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Bali Language Starters

Useful little Phrases

I want – saya mau
I do not want – saya tidak mau
What is your name – siapa nama?
My name is… nama saya…
One more! – Satu Lagi
How are you? – Apa Kabar?
Thank you – Terima Kasih
Where you from? – Dari Mana?
Do you speak English? – Bicara bahasa Ingris?
(Bicara pronounced Bichara) Quantity


Black – hitam
White – putih
Blue – biru
Red – merah
Green – hijau
Brown – coklat
Yellow – kuning
Purple – ungu
Grey – abu-abu
Pink – merah mudah
Dark – tua
Light- mudah


Shop – Toko
Market – Pasar
What’s this? – Apa ini ?
How much? – berapa ?
Currency – rupiah
Cheap – murah
Expensive – mahal
Big – besar
Small – kecil
Have other colours? – Ada lain warna?
Shoes – sepatu
Stone – batu
Dresses/skirts – rok
Trousers – celana
Earrings – anting anting
Paintings – lukisan
Leather – kulit

A handful of words

Well – baik baik
Good – bagus
Yes – ya
No – tidak
Not yet – belum
Already – sudah
Walk and street/walking – jalan/jalan
Children – anak-anak


All – semua
A little bit – sedikit
Many – banyak

Selamat Jalan (Safe Journey)
and enjoy speaking along the way


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