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Information for Parents

Here is some practical information for those travelling with little ones, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries…We are here to help xxx

Baby Sitters

We have lovely girls we recommend for babysitting services, but we can not take any responsibility for their services. For this reason all communication, arrangements and payment is direct between you and the babysitter. The agency we most often use is Bali Baby Hire (and we trust them with our own children). We do not recommend asking the Villa staff, they already have a full time job and do not specialise in child care.

You can request a babysitter who swims, but we advise to save water time for when a parent is present. Be clear and simple with your instructions as English is a second language. You can always start my going out with the nanny and the kids together. She can be an extra pair of eyes and it’s a nice way to get to know your new friend. Most importantly enjoy your adult time, you deserve it!

Pool Fences

If you would like a pool fence, we can coordinate through our recommended suppliers prior to your arrival. We do not take any responsibility for the installation or quality of pool fences. We are however consistently reviewing our team and making sure they are ready before your arrival and taken down after your departure.


Either the Villa management or Bali Family Villas will provide a standard portacot / travel cot on request. This is supplied with a mattress and basic linen (fitted sheet and blanket). These cots are generally suitable for babies until two years. If you have a young child that is better suited to a mattress on the floor, please discuss prior to your arrival and we will see what can be arranged. Many of our cots have mosquito nets, but we find the best defense against mosquitos is to have the air conditioner on and to spray the room with HIT spray (bug spray) around one hour before bed and close the door. If you dress your little travellers in long sleeved cotton pajamas it also helps.

Car Seats

Please advise the ages of your children prior to arrival and we will arrange forward or rear facing car seats for airport transfers. Car seats are not required by law, and you may find taxis and hire cars even without seat belts. We do not have booster seats, and the car seats are suitable for children up until the age of 3 or 4 years.


Extra Baby Equipment

Bali Baby Hire is who we recommend for extra equipment and our team can send an introduction email for you, so we can assist their team with delivery of equipment and address of the Villa etc. We try to have the equipment delivered and ready for your arrival. Items like rockers, stair gates, special toys, extra cots and high chairs are popular to hire. If you have a Mclaran stroller or similar (umbrella style) these work better in Bali than a Phil & Teds or Mountain Buggy models… as they are light you can lift them over holes in the road and they fit better on the narrow side walks, in a taxi etc.

As part of your welcome gift you will receive blow up pool toys from Bali Family Villas, and you can also buy cheap beach toys etc at mini marts to use during your stay. We also provide a complimentary toy box for your little ones to borrow during your stay.


At minimarts and supermarkets you will find nappies available. However the Huggies brand is not the same quality as you will find in Australia or the UK. We prefer Mama Poko brand or Pampers. It is not so easy to buy swimming nappies in Bali. My tip is to safe your home nappy supply for night time as they are likely more absorbany and use the Bali nappies for during the day.

Baby Food

Baby Food such as Raffertys Garden Squeeze packs are available but in limited supply and priced at approximately $5 per packet as they are imported. Milk formulas are available, however a different selection than in Australia or other Western countries. If your baby likes particular milk and snacks we suggest bringing a supply from home. You can buy cheese, yogurt and regular pasteurised milk as well as fresh produce readily but rusks, corn cakes, muesli bars, fruit bars and sugar free toddler snacks are not easy to locate. Mini Muncher is a food company which can deliver baby food purees and meals.

The range is for 10 months plus and the children’s range are handcrafted in small batches and placed in BPA free containers – As our guests you receive 5% off so you can mention this when ordering.

Safe Drinking Water

The tap water is not safe to drink. Do not even rinse your tooth brush with it if you can avoid it. It is common for all dishes and cutlery to be washed in tap water at restaurants and Villas, however you can request that your children bottles can be washed in bottled water and sterilized in boiling water. The Villas provide bottled drinking water. Microwaves are not common in Bali as they use a lot of electricity so you may sterilise the old fashion way, by boiling water on the stove.


When you check in you will receive a ‘Bali Guide’ booklet from us which has suggested grocery shopping locations, hospital and doctor contacts etc.

Our personal family Doctor is Mrs Wayan and her number is +62 (0) 8123921813, she also comes to your Villa for house call. For something more serious the Pediatrician I recommend at Siloham hospital is Doctor Irene. For smaller ailments such as “bali belly” or an ear infection the Bali Clinic on the main street in Seminyak is popular with tourists.

The hospital details and Australian Embassy details are in the Bali Guide we will provide you. Please be sure to have comprehensive health insurance and bring any regular medication your children may need.
We also suggest bringing your own baby Panadol or Nurofen just in case. The medical system in Bali is improving, however it is not the same as in other parts of the world.

There are several pharmacies, called Apoteks where you can buy general items such as sunscreen, insect repellant, disinfectants, soaps, bandaids etc. if required. For the Mummas please note you can not buy regular tampons in Bali, so you may need to bring these from home.

Family Meals In The Billa

Depending on which Villa you are in, you may be lucky enough to have a chef at hand to cater to you and your fussy eating little friends! If not don’t worry here are a couple of tips below.

If you are likely to enjoy being at the Villa for some drinks and nibbles one evening you might like to consider @islandgraze platter delivery. They come and set up with fresh produce and do a wonderful job.

If you don’t already know about Go-Jek check it out.

GO-JEK is an APP providing shopping and food delivery to your Villa. Hundreds of restaurants via a few taps on your smartphone screen. It is pretty awesome once you dial it in.
Go to the below link and select DOWNLOAD or search it in your APP STORE.


Your Villa manager may well have some spa therapists they use regularly, or the below two companies are
lovely and they bring their own massage beds.


Casa Spa Bali

Visas, Passports & Travel Insurance

Please ensure your passport has a minimum of 6 months before expiry, if not you will not be allowed International travel. In addition, you must have at least one totally clear page for the visa sticker. You willalso need proof of a round-trip-ticket that shows you have a flight to exit Indonesia. It is also strongly advisable for all travelers to have adequate travel insurance for the duration of their stay. Please note you can purchase travel insurance independently or through our web site and partners at World Nomads.  View our Bali Travel Insurance for more info.

Australian Passport Holders have recently been granted a FREE 30 Day Tourist Visa to Bali, this may change again in the future however currently Australians can proceed directly to the immigration counter on arrival at the airport, no need to stop at the “Visas on Arrival Counter” when you get off the plane. If you are not an Australian Passport holder lease check if you require a Visa on Arrival. After clearing customs you will collect your luggage then take your bags through the security check. After this you will be directed to exit the airport terminal through the duty free shopping area, into the public area to meet your driver.


At the airport there will be a driver with a sign with your name on it. Please note if you cant see the driver at first don’t worry as it is a busy airport. Stay in the area and they will locate you. The local number for our transport team just in case are Transport Coordinator: Komang +62 (0)87860806272

Alcohol Allowance

Visitors to Indonesia are permitted to bring 1 litre of alcohol into the country per adult visitor. Due to Government taxes Alcohol purchased within Indonesia is up to 50% more expensive than in Australia and there is also a limited selection. If you would like to enjoy the wine, champagne or spirits of your choice during your stay, we recommend bringing a bottle with you from Australia.


There are several ATMs in Bali, some of them only allow you to withdraw the equivalent of $50 at a time and you are subject to international bank fees each withdrawal. We recommend bringing some Australian Dollar cash with you and using a local money changer at a favorable exchange.


We hope you find these initial ideas helpful. We assist our clients with queries on local gyms, birthday cakes, health food & dietary needs, restaurant recommendations, shopping tips, yoga studios, toy shops… and the list goes on. Let us know how to make your holiday the best it can be for you & your little tribe!