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Exploring the World Together: Tips for Travel with a Baby

Deciding to travel with your baby can be daunting, but above all, it’s important to remember that you won’t be the first to do it, or the last, so you’re not alone! There are a few tricks you can use to help make travel a more comfortable experience for both you and your baby. Choosing a destination like Bali is a great start as the local people are so welcoming to babies and everyone is happy to help. The climate is relaxing and you can pack light and enjoy the tropical weather. 

Perhaps most important is ensuring your accommodation is suitable for a baby. At Bali Family Villas, we offer a number of options hand-picked for families with babies to make your stay a memorable one for all the right reasons. However, it all starts with getting the travel out of the way!

When to Fly with Your Little One 

Most experts advise against air travel in the first seven days after a baby is born. Of course, even the parents may not be ready to travel with their baby for some time… so once the first week is over, really the answer to this question is: whenever you feel ready! We welcome guests from a few months old onwards. 

Amazingly, there’s a huge benefit to travelling with a baby before they are two years old: they don’t need a seat purchased for them on your flight, which can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They can also sleep in complementary baby cots or share bedding with parents. 

Air Travel Tips For Families With A Baby

Essential Packing Hacks for Flying with a Baby

baby travel checklist packingAs with any travel – preparation is key. Babies need passports too – so get your baby’s in advance. Then, make sure you have the essentials: nappies, wet wipes, snacks, bottles, formula, and toys. It can be useful to make a list well in advance of your travel date and purchase these essentials to pack immediately into a dedicated carry-on bag for your baby. 

Checking items off your list as you go ensures you have everything you need. That way you can just grab the bag when you leave, knowing you have a fresh set of essentials ready to go when you need them.

Tips for Managing Your Baby’s Needs In-Flight

baby bassinet on planePicking flight times that align with your baby’s nap or sleep times can also help make travel smooth – just make sure you request a bassinet seat. Once you’re in flight, time bottle or breastfeed with takeoff and landing to help relieve any pain associated with pressure for your baby.

As for soothing your baby if they’re distressed or restless – you know them best, so pack snacks, toys, and books you know they enjoy. And if you get some looks from your fellow passengers, remember again that you’re not the first or the last people to travel with a baby – you’re likely not even the only family on your flight with a baby!

It will all be worth it when you land in Bali! 

Seamless Bali Arrival

At the Bali International Airport, there is a line for families with children under 5 years to pass through immigration, so that is helpful also. One of our friendly drivers will be waiting with a sign with your name on it and will help you to the car. Our cars are fitted with car seats, seat belts, baby wipes, drinking water, and air conditioning along with some baby books to help keep the smallest travellers entertained on the way to the Villa. 

Once in Bali, you can purchase most items you will need easily. We provide bottle sterilisers and your Villa chef will be happy to make fresh mash and purees with your guidance. There are also some great food delivery options. Please see our guide below.

Choosing The Right Accommodation for You and Your Baby

Villa Kimaya - Children_s First Floor Terrace PlaytimeThis is perhaps the most important aspect of any trip with your baby – your home away from home. It’s essential that where you stay has plenty of space, is safe, and offers assistance wherever possible, and this is why Bali Family Villas makes such fantastic holiday accommodation options.

Changing nappies, storing supplies for your baby, bathroom space to wash bottles and other items, room for your baby to explore if they’re walking… you can never have too much space!

As villas are dedicated to your family or group alone, every villa at Bali Family Villas provides more than enough space for your baby. From spacious indoor areas to expansive outdoor areas complete with a pool and gardens, Bali Family Villas will ensure you’re not left wanting as far as room to move goes.

When you first arrive in Bali there is likely a time difference with your home country. When babies and children are still adjusting and wake early it is nice to have a private space to be up and about to be up and about together, along with a kitchen space to make yourself at home. 

The Balinese adore babies and are always so happy to help. For toddlers on the go, we offer temporary pool fence solutions. Many of the Villas have shallow sections in the pool for splash time and wading about. The enclosed gardens are a wonderful area for babies and toddlers to explore with the complimentary toy baskets we offer. 

Getting from the airport to your Villa we provide car seats in Bali. These may be forward-facing or rear-facing for the younger babies. 

Why Choose Bali Family Villas?

Villa Kasianda Child BedroomAs an Australian family-owned and operated service, the Bali Family Villa would not offer any villas we wouldn’t stay in ourselves, with our family. That’s why we offer additional services including installation of pool fences and stair gates for your stay, complimentary cots, and we can even cater to dietary requirements and allergies. 

At your Bali Family Villa, you’ll benefit from a team dedicated to your villa who will endeavour to assist wherever possible. Baby bouncers, cots, high chairs, toy baskets, baby baths, and bottle sterilisers are all available to use. We can even put you in touch with trusted partners for nanny services, or help arrange casual babysitters so mum and dad can enjoy some rare time together! For exploring the area we also provide travel strollers for our mini guests. 

Explore Our Top Baby-Friendly Villas in Bali

Villa Myki Canggu

Villa Myki Canggu

Villa Myki offers proximity to Berawa Beach, cafes, and children’s activities. Upstairs, a private family suite includes a king bed, an adjoining children’s room with bunks, and a baby cot.

Villa Kasianda

Villa Kasianda Canggu Kids PlayFamily-friendly Villa Kasianda in Berawa boasts a secure pool fence and all bedrooms under one roof. Perfect for young children! It offers toys, a teepee, and babysitting services for ultimate relaxation.

Villa Batusari Canggu

Villa Batusari Cannggu Pool viewIdeal for families, Villa Batusari offers a safe haven with a permanent Australian-standard fenced pool and a trampoline-filled garden. 

The main house features interconnecting bedrooms under one roof. Additional childcare and services are available upon request for a relaxing stay.

Villa Mizi

Villa Mizi Canggu Room view

Villa Mizi blends luxury with a relaxed island vibe. The highlight is the family-friendly layout. Three interconnected bedrooms lead off the living area, perfect for young children. 

High ceilings and a lush garden create a spacious haven for playtime, while a pool fence (on request), shallow pool area, and children’s amenities (cot, high chair, toys) offer added convenience.

Ready To Book Your Bali Family Villa?

As with any holiday, travelling as a family with your baby should be an exciting, enjoyable experience, so we hope we’ve helped put your mind at ease. We may be biased, but we think that a Bali Family Villa makes a perfect destination for a family with a baby! 

So, why not check out our villa listings to find your family’s perfect place in paradise? We look forward to meeting you and your baby soon.

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